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Bakelite® Resins for Electronic Applications

Bakelite® Resins for Electronic Applications


Electronic applications require reliability, purity and precision. Bakelite® and Durite™​ phenolic resins are used to produce high-quality electrical and electronic components that meet these stringent requirements while making manufacturing easier. 

Printing Plates

Bakelite® cresol novolac resins offer advantages for printing plate production. Benefits of ultra-high purity Bakelite cresol novolacs include:​

  • Precise viscosity control​
  • Consistent bulk dissolution rates​
  • Low free monomer

Applications for Bakelite® cresol novolacs include:​

  • Offset printing​
  • Digital printing​
  • Computer To Plate (CTP)

Semiconductor Photoresist

Bakelite® and Durite™ phenolic/cresylic resins are ideal for photoresist formulations used to manufacture components for the semiconductor industry as well as LED production.​ These resins are specifically designed for g-line, i-line and advanced i-line lithography.

​Optimized monomer ratios and controlled processing enable Bakelite to produce resins featuring a range of molecular weights and dissolution rates. Benefits of our resins include:​

  • Uniform batches – no drum-to-drum variation
  • Low trace metals
  • Improved resolution 
  • Improved heat resistance​
  • Excellent substrate adhesion and CD control​


Electrical laminates

Heat and moisture resistance are crucial for printed circuit boards (PCBs). Bakelite® and Durite™ high purity resins are used for chip encapsulation, as underfill adhesives, and in the impregnation of copper clad laminates (CCL) for PCBs. These resins provide:​

  • High temperature stability​
  • Increased moisture resistance​
  • Low electrical conductivity​
  • Better copper adhesion​
  • Halogen-free flame retardancy

​To meet your specific application requirements and to ease manufacturing, our technical team will tailor resin attributes, such as:​

  • Softening point​
  • Hydroxyl equivalent​
  • Glass transition temperature​
  • Molecular weight
  • Viscosity
  • Low and high nitrogen content

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for Printing Plates and Inks

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for the Semiconductor Photoresist Application

Bakelite Synthethics Resins for Electrical Laminates

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