Commutator, LS and Fl switches, Lamp sockets, Electromagnetic coils, Switches, Meter parts, Energy regulators, Relays, Coil forms, moulding compound

Bakelite® Molding Compounds for Electrical and Electronics

Bakelite® Molding Compounds for Electrical and Electronics

Thanks to their range of properties, Bakelite® phenol, epoxy and polyester molding compounds are utilized in electrical engineering and electronics. These industries rely on these innovative products for electrically demanding moldings requiring high quality, thermally-resistant functional elements with high mechanical strength. These compounds exhibit a combination of:

  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • High heat resistance
  • Rigidity, 
  • Surface hardness, 
  • High elastic modulus
  • Good solvent resistance

Even if the recommended operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained with these products. In addition, graphite-filled molding compounds offer low friction and noise levels in gas meter systems. Specific applications include:

  • LS and FI switches
  • Performance and motor safety switches
  • Energy regulators, relays, thermosets
  • Electromagnetic coils and coil forms
  • Electric and gas meters
  • Lamp sockets

Bakelite Synthetics offers a wide range of graphite- modified molding compounds for the gas meter industry. Bakelite® self-lubricating systems offer high surface hardness and superior dimensional stability, combined with excellent resistance to gas. Numerous gas meter manufacturers have approved these materials for their gas meter valves and grids worldwide, and our products have been in service for decades.

Bakelite® Molding Compounds for Electrical and Electronics

Bakelite® Moulding Compounds for Gas meter Industry

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