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At Bakelite we pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for paper impregnation technologies. We offer products resins and technical expertise in the following application areas. 

  • Phenolic Surface Films: phenolic and melamine resins for plywood and composite wood panel surface lamination
  • Decorative High-Pressure Laminates: phenolic and melamine resins for standard, compact, postforming and continuous pressure laminates
  • Decorative Low-Pressure Laminates: melamine and urea resins for composite wood panel and plywood surface lamination
  • Specialty Performance Laminates: methylated melamine resins for highly flexible laminates; phenolic resins for flame retardance; phenolic resins for electrical laminates; resins for ultra-low emissions
  • Hot Roll Lamination: urea resins for surface lamination of construction products (doors, wall panels) and wood composite panels
  • Primers, catalysts and complimentary products for custom made solutions
  • Our experienced, regional representatives also provide individualized technical support to meet your productivity and sustainability targets.

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