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Molding Compound Resins

THERMOSET PROPERTIES OF PHENOLIC RESIN produce thermal and chemical resistant properties for automotive and electrical products.

Our resins are typically filled with glass fiber, organic or inorganic fillers. Phenolic resins work well with chopped virgin or recycled carbon fibers.

Phenolic molding compounds are easy to use and support new and rapid part production and design. This facilitates the opportunity to meet industry lightweighting goals and cost targets.

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RESOLE Advantages Non-Volatiles, % Viscosity Free Formaldehyde, % Free Phenol, %
Bakelite® 904G44 Higher viscosity for easy molding • Compatible with fiberglass and carbon fiber and most fillers • Temperature resistance • Low conductivity • Chemical resistance • Flame resistant • Heated working environments 70 – 75 7000 – 9000 1 max. 12 max.


RESOLE Hexa content, % Hot Plate Cure Time, 150⁰C, s Inclined Plate Flow @ 125⁰C, mm Form Particle Size, Maximum retained on 200 mesh screen % Size
Bakelite® 2056 0 NA NA Flake NA  
Bakelite® 2074 0 NA NA Flake NA 275lb. Drum
Bakelite® 5510 11.5 – 13.5 40 – 55 20 – 40 Powder >2% 50lb. Bag
Bakelite® 5520 7.0 – 9.0 65 – 85 30 – 60 Powder >2% 50lb. Bag
Bakelite® 5546 6.5 – 7.5 25 – 45 25 – 45 Powder >6% 50lb. Bag

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