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Molding Compounds for Commutator Applications

Bakelite's Molding Compounds for Commutator Applications

For automotive, household and industrial applications Bakelite® thermoset molding compounds are utilized when there must be a combination of:

  • Good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance
  • Rigidity, surface hardness
  • High elastic modulus and
  • Good solvent resistance

Very small amounts of molding compound must not only provide electrical insulation but also anchor the copper lamella and ensure optimal seating of the lamella on the rotor axis at high rotational speeds, even under severe thermal stress.

From washing machine motors to fan and wiper drives, if the recommended operating temperature range is remporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained.

Bakelite's Molding Compounds for Commutators

For many decades, Bakelite® molding compounds have been used with great success in manufacturing commutators and slip ring elements. The experience gained over this period and trust-based teamwork with processors and final users of Bakelite® molding compounds have contributed to the unbroken continued development in this field.

The increasing capacities of electric motors coupled with unchanged or even more compact physical dimensions lead to greater thermal and mechanical stresses on the insulating molding compound in the commutator. Moreover, such motors are expected to offer even lengthier service lives despite the increased rotational speeds and more compact physical dimensions.

The Bakelite product line - offering melamine-phenol and phenol-formaldehyde moulding compounds - is in line with these strict requirements, and offers a wide range of products for all common types of commutators.

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