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The conference has established itself as the industry meeting place for "thermosets" in Europe and is organized by the Kunststoff-Institut.

Discover a century of experience in engineering thermosets in your hands!

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Discover the next generation molding compounds

Bakelite® molding compounds can be used in a diverse field of applications from household appliances to automobiles
and offer the following benefits:

  • Dimensional stability
  • High surface hardness and strength
  • Very low flammability
  • Minimal cold flow
  • Superb electrical features, and
  • High temperature stability

Sustainable alternative to engineering plastics and metals



  • Supreme thermomechanical performance
  • Sustainable alternative to engineering plastics and metals
  • Economical alternative to engineering plastics and metals
  • Design and integration capabilities



  • Desirable flamability properties
  • Good thermal and electrical insulating properties
  • Flame retardant without halogenes



  • Adhesion to copper
  • Mechanical performance
  • Thermal stability



  • Surface quality and media resistance
  • Sustainable alternative to metals
  • High temperature resistance
  • No sink marks