Formaldehyde Emissions Testing (DMC)

Bakelite® Dynamic Microchamber


In-plant Formaldehyde Emissions Testing for Wood Panels

The Dynamic Microchamber (DMC) from Bakelite Synthetics is an easy-to-use, fast, computer-integrated, small-scale formaldehyde emissions test system for your quality control program. Emission testing of individual samples can be completed in as few as 15 minutes each. 

The Bakelite® DMC is one of the few small-scale quality control test methods approved for composite panel manufacturers by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory agencies. It is the predominant formaldehyde emission test method used by North American manufacturers with a growing number of installed systems in Europe and South America.

This proven technology has been relied upon for decades to provide consistent results. Bakelite Synthetics has continued to update and incorporate the latest technology into the DMC system. Whether you are a potential user or currently have a DMC and are looking for consumables, contact us for more information. 

In addition to offering the equipment and copyrighted software, Bakelite Synthetics provides annual service, training, and parts for the DMC.

Bakelite® DMC Replacement Parts and Consumables

Need REPLACEMENT parts or consumables for your Bakelite DMC

We offer consumables and OEM replacement parts for both legacy and current DMC systems. Refer to Bakelite Synthetics standard Terms and Conditions. 

To submit an order, if you have questions regarding parts or services you may need, or for all other inquiries, please email or request information through the Contact Us form.

Bakelite® DMC Service & Maintenance

Annual service/calibration is standard maintenance to ensure that your equipment is compliant with CARB and EPA regulations. An expert technician will come to your facility to service, inspect, and calibrate your DMC. 


In response to travel restrictions caused by the international coronavirus event, Bakelite expects that some annual DMC servicing may be delayed beyond the standard 12-month period. Users of the Bakelite® DMC can continue to operate the equipment outside of this service window; however, service should be scheduled as soon as practical with respect to appropriate guidelines. We have been in communication with the Third-Party Certifiers regarding this possible delay in service. Since the coronavirus situation is still on-going and there is continuing uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions and its effects on industry, please contact us immediately if you believe your facility will be impacted.

Outside of standard annual maintenance services, Bakelite Synthetics also offers:

  • Remote or email troubleshooting (at no additional cost)
  • On-site or off-site training
  • Downloadable DMC software


Dynamic Microchamber - Brochure

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