Bakelite® Process Modeling & Optimization Service

Process Modeling is a service from Bakelite Synthetics that helps customers in the wood industry optimize their manufacturing processes. It is comprised of a software and database system that provides real-time 24/7 predictions based on process data.  An analysis package monitors process data and uses models to identify sources of variation. This allows for data-driven process decisions.

The potential benefits of the Bakelite® Process Modeling system for customers, based on their mill conditions, include:

  • Reduce sources of variation
  • Raw material usage optimization
  • Reductions in resin and wax usage
  • Reduction in wood usage
  • Process optimization
  • Possible increase in press throughput
  • Product quality improvement

In addition to process modeling, technical service representatives are available to provide the individual customer with the support needed to maximize their operation using our resins.

Contact your Bakelite representative for more information on how Process Modeling could enhance your wood product manufacturing.

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