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Sustainability is truly a foundational element of our work, and we celebrate our successes while continually striving for even more advances.

Our commitment to sustainability is naturally supported through our corporate culture which has a history of focusing on safety, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. To protect against climate change, we strive to efficiently use natural resources, optimize existing processes and enhance products and technologies through innovation.

Our product portfolio has created positive environmental impact with offerings designed to optimize our customers’ processes, whereby material- and energy-usage are reduced.  Our research and development efforts continue to evaluate alternative, sustainable, and bio-renewable raw materials, as we believe new products should deliver on both the needs of our customers and our environment.

Learn more in our Sustainability Statement: A Message from our CEO.

Use resources responsibly. Produce products more sustainably. Support customer sustainability objectives.

at Bakelite

Our commercial, technical and product stewardship teams are passionate about supporting our customers to meet individualized sustainability targets. By leveraging our technical expertise, applying innovative thinking and using alternative raw materials where possible, we endeavor to make a positive impact on the environment.

One example of this effort is the use of our products to turn renewable raw materials, such as wood, into highly engineered products by our downstream partners.  This helps facilitate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy by providing technical solutions for energy conservation in the Building & Construction and Transportation sectors.

Another important building block of sustainable resource management is recyclability. Bakelite® PF2020 technology, for example, is free of halogen and heavy metals - materials which can restrict the recyclability of end-use products.

Bakelite approaches the achievement of sustainability goals from a variety of directions.


Leading the way

New Products
and Innovations

Since Leo Baekeland’s invention in 1907, products made with Bakelite® resins have been highly valued for their durability and long life cycle expectations.  We are working closely with our customers to support the initiatives that will help them succeed in the market and also make a positive impact on the environment. Together, we can do this.

We develop products that provide a greener footprint for the environment:



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