Who we are

Mission Statement

We are the pioneers of synthetics that are pushing boundaries.
For a better, safer and cleaner world.

From making homes sturdier and safer to driving the future of transportation from electric cars to space travel.
We believe in the infinity of potential and solutions in collaboration with our global partners.

Infinite solutions, with infinite possibilities for our customers. That’s the promise of Bakelite Synthetics, and who we are as a company.

Next generation synthetics

Who we are

We are a global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, systems and engineered thermoset molding compounds.

Our products, which are primarily based on phenolic chemistry, are used to bind, bond and shape materials for the most challenging applications:

Engineered wood products that have to withstand fire and moisture . . . automotive and electrical components that must be lightweight yet stable in punishing environments. . . airplane cabin parts that are sturdy and virtually fire and smoke-proof . . . they all depend on the properties and performance of Bakelite Synthetics.


Our Vision

In this way and many others, we are stewards of the environment. We strive everyday to reduce waste and create a safe and sustainable environment for ourselves, our customers and our global communities.

We’re committed to inventing the technologies of the future that enable our customers to deliver efficient, environmentally-friendly end products. We are keenly aware of our interdependence with the world around us, and we actively support projects and initiatives that support our local communities.

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We are more than just the sum of our products.
We are trailblazers.

Our founder, Leo Baekeland, invented the first thermosetting resin - considered the first synthetic plastic - back in 1907. Following in his footsteps, we have been iterating and innovating for our customers, and industry, ever since. Our phenolic resins and adhesives made it possible for composite wood products such as plywood and panelboard to play a major role in the building boom of the 1960s. They were used in the heat shields and rocket engines nozzles of the Space Shuttle, advancing exploration of the universe. Today, we are leading the effort to improve the health and safety of manufacturers who use our products, by reducing emissions without compromising performance.



Together we will
make a difference

We are 1,500 people working at 20 manufacturing sites in 10 countries, helping solve the challenges of our customers and the world. That is who we are at Bakelite Synthetics.

The Bakelite® brand has always stood for the highest quality phenolic resins and molding compounds available – backed by the best technical and formulation support in the world, resulting in a wide range of options. When your application requires remarkable heat resistance, surface hardness, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties, there’s no better material – and no better team.


Bakelite Core Values

We do the right thing

We say what we mean and we do what we say. Everything starts with integrity and working ethically.

We create value

… for our customers, associates, vendors, community, and shareholders. We use ingenuity to overcome obstacles and have a bias towards action.

We live “safety first”

it’s personal, and each of us is accountable. Our work is never more important or urgent than performing it safely. We stand for sustainability and the elimination of all environmental, health, and safety incidents.

We build trust

It unleashes our individual and collective strengths to work collaboratively and in a boundaryless way. We own our results, and we commit to the good of the whole.

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