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Our Products

Bakelite Products

Our products, which are primarily based on phenolic chemistry, are used to bind, bond and shape materials for the most challenging applications. We offer infinite solutions, with infinite possibilities for our customers. It’s possible with Bakelite.

Phenolic Resins

These are the building blocks of the Bakelite brand, which has been at the forefront of the phenolics industry for over a century.

Melamine Resins

Our portfolio include melamine (MF), melamine-urea (MUF) , melamine-phenol-formaldehyde (MPF), methylated melamine resin and a liquid melamine sulfonate superplasticizer.

Urea Resins
Urea Resins

We manufactures a range of ammoniated and non-ammoniated urea resins with varying physical properties to meet customer-specific processing and performance requirements.

Aromatic Polyols

Bakelite’s Resonance™ aromatic polyols are built on the foundation of a phenolic core, known for its exceptional Fire, Smoke, and Toxicity properties.

Formaldehyde, UFC, Hexa

Our capacity and diversity of locations allow us to effectively support the merchant market and our customers with a long-term security of supply.

Molding Compounds

Our molding compounds are available in a range of viscosities and provides a combination of insulating properties, high heat resistance, rigidity, surface hardness and other requirements needed for demanding applications.

Catalysts, Scavengers, Hardeners

Bakelite manufactures a broad offering of these critical enhancers of manufacturing processes and product performance.

Asphalt Additives

Bakelite offers a line of quality additives for the asphalt industry. Our broadly-based U.S. manufacturing sites mean additional effectiveness for keeping delivery costs low for your specific location.