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Bakelite® Catalysts, Scavengers and Hardeners

Bakelite® Catalysts, Scavengers and Hardeners

Catalysts, scavengers and hardeners are the unsung workhorses of the chemical industry. They are used in most industries to ease processing, improve cure, eliminate undesirable chemicals, halt unwanted reactions, improve performance, and much more.

Bakelite manufactures a broad offering of these critical enhancers of manufacturing processes and product performance.


  • Triazine* hydrogen sulfide scavengers for oil and gas production
  • Phenol, urea and formaldehyde scavengers


  • Phencat™ catalysts for composites to enhance cure
  • Latent composite catalysts to enhance pot life for hand layup, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), pultrusion and filament winding manufacture
  • Catalysts for enhanced laminate and surfaces processing
  • Acid catalysts for crosslinking in FRP composite and coating applications


  • Ester-based hardener systems for briquetting
  • Phencat™ hardeners for phenolic foam manufacture
  • Powder and other hardeners for plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) production and timber construction
  • Chemical hardeners for wood-based panel amino resins and accelerators for phenolic resin systems for plywood and LVL
  • Epoxy hardener/resin systems used as curing agents for electronics applications
  • Hardeners for felt bonding production

Primers for the combination of organic and inorganic materials (e.g. paper impregnates and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.) Ask about our other primers and complimentary products for custom-made solutions.

* Triazines are only available in Europe.

Industries for Catalysts, Scavengers and Hardeners

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