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Low Monomer Resins

BreakThru™ Technology For Phenolic Resins

Bakelite Synthetics phenolic products are used around the globe as a primary component of FRP composites, abrasives, filtration, honeycomb and other industrial uses. Environmental responsibility and regulations are driving fundamental changes in phenolic resin technology, specifically the lowering of free formaldehyde and phenol monomer content. Resin manufacturers are seeking to respond to their customers’ requests to reduce employee exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while maintaining resin performance benefits. Phenolic resins traditionally contain free formaldehyde levels ranging from 0.3% to greater than 1.5%. Reducing this residual formaldehyde is a frequent request to resin suppliers from manufacturers.

BreakThru™ technology from Bakelite Synthetics

New proprietary BreakThru™ technology from Bakelite Synthetics addresses that desire. It has been shown to lower formaldehyde in phenolic resins to below 1000ppm (or less than 0.1%) in laboratory analyses, less than the amount required to report on a Safety Data Sheet. Additional data confirms that this ultra-low content also lowers emissions during curing, compared to those of standard phenolic resin.

Extensive analyses of phenolic resins made with this proprietary technology comparing it to typical commercial resins, have illustrated its ability to significantly reduce free formaldehyde as well as reduce free phenol while maintaining comparable cure profiles.

In honeycomb applications, performance improvements could also be possible. Water-based, the technology can also eliminate the use of solvent borne resins in some applications.

LEAF™ ULEF Resins and Scavengers For North American Wood Panel Manufacturers

LEAF™ ULEF resins and scavenger systems are a line of ultra-low emitting adhesives designed for wood composite manufacturers and their customers who want to pursue green building programs. This portfolio of solutions, which includes a LEAF ULEF single component scavenger resin, can contribute toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™1) credits. These products can also help meet other green building requirements such as GREEN GLOBES® and the National Green Building Standard™ of the National Association of Home Builders. LEAF ULEF adhesives may be melamine-urea (MUF), melamine (MF), or phenolic (PF) based.

1LEED is a trademark owned by U.S. Green Building Council.

Low Monomer Resins for Coatings Manufacturers

Bakelite Synthetics offers resins with ultra-low levels of free bisphenol A, free phenol and free formaldehyde levels of less than 0.09%. Used in protective coatings formulations for can, drum, pail, pipe and other metal protection, the resins work as crosslinkers to provide the necessary performance with low levels of these monomers.