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Bakelite® Urea Resins

Bakelite® Urea Resins

Bakelite manufactures a range of ammoniated and non-ammoniated urea resins with varying physical properties to meet customer-specific processing and performance requirements.

Urea resin properties that make it useful, particularly in many building & construction applications include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Low water absorption
  • High heat-distortion temperatures
  • High surface hardness
  • High flexural modulus

Urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) is a highly valued product in the agricultural industry where it is a primary building block for fertilizer.

With customizable molecular weight, water tolerance, viscosity, pH and cure speeds, these products can be tailored to your particular performance requirements and equipment needs.

Bakelite® Urea Resins

Industries for Urea Resins

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