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Bakelite Innovation

From making homes sturdier and safer to driving the future of transportation from electric cars to space travel, we believe in the infinite potential and solutions that comes from collaboration with our global partners. We’re committed to innovating the technologies of the future that enable our customers to deliver sustainable products that address the world’s changing and challenging demands.

NAF Resins

No Added Formaldehyde Resins support manufacturers in meeting environmental goals.

Low Monomer Resins

Our innovative phenolic resin technology lowers free formaldehyde and phenol monomer content while maintaining resin performance benefits.

Next Gen Panel Technology

Used in conjunction with Bakelite® wood adhesive resins, innovative Resi-Boost™ Gen2 provides significant advantages to the wood products industry.

High Performance Tackifier
High-Performance Tackifier

Meet our high-performance phenolic tackifier resin that provides both high initial rubber tack but also a high long-term tack.

High-Performance Silicone-Modified Phenolic Resin
High-Performance Silicone-Modified Phenolic Resin

Our high-performance silicone-modified phenolic resins provide reduced noise, vibration and harshness in disc brake pad formulation.