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Bakelite Services

We drive customer success through innovative products and tools that maximize profits and streamline operations.

Wood Panel Process Modeling

This database system helps customers in the wood industry optimize their manufacturing processes by providing real-time 24/7 predictions based on process data.

Customer Inventory Tracking

This platform tracks resin inventory and displays it via a web-based dashboard that is used by Bakelite and the customer plant collaboratively to optimize order profile, placing, moving or canceling orders as needed for optimal efficiency.

Formaldehyde Emissions Testing (DMC)

Our Dynamic Microchamber (DMC) is the leading North American formaldehyde emission test and gaining traction in Europe & South America. It delivers fast, easy 15-minute tests on individual samples.

Contract Manufacturing

Leveraging our global manufacturing footprint to produce customer-formulated solutions, we have extensive experience providing quality products for manufacturers requiring additional capabilities and capacity.