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Bakelite® Asphalt Additives

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Bakelite® Asphalt Additives


Bakelite offers a line of quality additives for the asphalt industry. Our broadly-based U.S. manufacturing sites mean additional effectiveness for keeping delivery costs low for your specific location.

TUFFTREK Modifiers

TUFFTREK modifiers showcase Bakelite’s capabilities in chemical innovation and manufacturing to offer the asphalt producer cost-effective products that can provide performance and cost savings over aromatic and base oil modifiers. Made from bio-based materials and non-hazardous, our modifiers represent a range of products that can lower the dosage needed to achieve lower PG while positively impacting ΔTc. We collaborate closely with customers to provide the product needed for their specifications.

TUFFTREK 4002 Modifier has the ability to:

  • Achieve multiple grades with single grade of asphalt.
  • Adjust stored/aged asphalt to desired spec.
  • Achieve PG improvement with less modifier.
  • Achieve higher performance with lower-cost asphalt.
  • Add in-line for ease of incorporation.
  • Attain low PG asphalts for some blend stocks.
  • Utilize a high flash point and low toxicity modifier.
  • Limit effects on mass loss.
  • Improve compatibility of Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer in Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement (PMAC).

When used as a recycling agent, TUFFTREK 4002  stabilizes asphaltenes for improved compatibility with the maltene phase.  This feature enables the incorporation of  aged asphalt from Recycled Asphalt Pavement and  Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAP and RAS) without the detrimental impact of high asphaltene contribution from oxidized recycled binder. TUFFTREK 4002 technology recycling agent benefits include:

  • Restorative improvements to DeltaTc (∆Tc) phase angle, and Glover-Rowe of PAV (Pressure Aging Vessel) aged asphalt 
  • Improves rutting resistance
  • Resistance to long term PAV aging
  • Improves Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) moisture damage resistance
  • Improves binder low temperature fracture strength
  • Less mass loss compared to some petrochemical-based alternatives
  • Made from Biobased materials and not hazardous
  • Cost-effective, low dosages can achieve desired performance

TUFFTREK Antistrip Additives

Although only recently marketed under the TUFFTREK name, TUFFTREK 2001 liquid amine antistrip has a long history of use in the asphalt industry. It has demonstrated effectiveness at low dosage (0.25%). Our TUFFTREK 2002 liquid amine antistrip boasts all of the quality and benefits of TUFFTREK 2001 but its improved formulation enhances its flowability at low temperatures.

TUFFTREK Emulsifiers

Currently, Bakelite Synthetics offers a cationic slow set (CSS) emulsifier, TUFFTREK 3202, as well as high rosin crude tall oil, TUFFTREK 3100, for anionic high float emulsifier use.  New emulsifiers are in development to further enhance the options available to asphalt manufacturers.

TUFFTREK 3202 is a versatile, high ductility CSS emulsifier that is compatible with virtually all asphalt basestocks used in CSS production.  Rigorous stress testing confirms its ease of use.

TUFFTREK 3100 is a high rosin crude tall oil, affording lower dosages and aiding in meeting our customers’ specific requirements.

Bakelite technical specialists can help customers choose the optimal product for their requirements and performance needs.


Bakelite® Asphalt Additives Product Portfolio