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Contract Manufacturing from Bakelite

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Extending your Manufacturing Footprint

Bakelite Synthetics has plants throughout the United States and Europe, and additionally in South America that possess a wide range of production assets that can be used to produce customer-formulated solutions. We have extensive experience providing quality products on-time for manufacturers requiring additional capabilities and capacity.


  • Pilot plant capability to scale-up product from bench-scale up to commercial reactor
  • Available reactor capacity that operates at Atm to full vacuum.  Ability to manage exothermic reactions and capable of both batch and azeotropic distillation.
  • Specialized reactor capacity featuring Hastelloy® liners with the ability to reach 170°C
  • Pastillation capability
  • Spray Dry capability


Based on volume and other factors, a significant advantage of working with us can be the Bakelite owned-and-operated U.S. trucking fleet at select locations. The fleet is noted for having industry-leading safety and reliability metrics.

Hastelloy is a trademark owned by Haynes International, Inc.