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Bakelite® Intermediates for Epoxy / Cyanate Ester

Bakelite® Intermediates for Epoxy / Cyanate Ester


Producers of multifunctional epoxy resins and cyanate esters can draw from a range of Bakelite® and Durite™ phenolic resins to develop their products, including:

  • Ultra-low molecular weight phenolic novolacs
  • Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol adducts
  • Diisopropenylbenzene-phenol adducts
  • Phenol-glyoxal polymers
  • Cresol novolacs and bisphenol-A intermediates
  • Modified novolacs
  • Bis-M intermediates

These novolacs are produced within various specific molecular weight ranges to suit our customers’ needs. They are easily glycidated, contain low free monomer (phenol and cresol) concentrations, and are designed for epoxy chain-extending reactions. Acting as crosslinkers, our products perform as hardeners for epoxy formulations. Common applications for the epoxidized resins are printed circuit boards, heat-resistant composites and corrosion-resistant coatings.

Cyanate esters based on our chemical intermediates are well-suited for applications such as high temperature composites and adhesives that require high Tg ( 300°C or higher). Phenolic resins enable important characteristics essential for electrical- and electronic-grade adhesives such as:

  • Low curing temperature
  • Excellent dielectric constant
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Corrosion resistance
  • UV blocking/Fluorescence

Epoxy Curing Agents

Bakelite® and Durite™ phenolic/cresylic resins are an excellent alternative to traditional epoxy curing agents, especially for epoxy system users seeking​:

  • High glass transition temperature (Tg)​
  • Excellent stability at high operating temperatures​
  • Superior flame retardancy and overall mechanical integrity
  • Halogen-free flame retardancy

​These products are typically used in the manufacture of copper-clad laminates (CCLs) for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and in other applications such as coatings and composites where mechanical integrity under high heat is critical.​

​Product solutions are available for halogen-free systems. We offer Bakelite® epoxy resin curing agents in a range of viscosities and other parameters. Additionally, our expertise allows us to support customers by tailoring the resin’s reactive equivalents, molecular weight and softening points to meet specific application requirements.​

Bakelite´s technical specialists can help customers choose the optimal product for their manufacturing process requirements and performance needs.

Epoxy and Cyanate Ester Intermediates from Bakelite Synthetics

Epoxy and Cyanate Ester Intermediates from Bakelite Synthetics Table

Epoxy Curing Agents from Bakelite Synthetics

Epoxy Curing Agents from Bakelite Synthetics Table