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Europe: Forest Products


A leader in products for the wood and forest products industry, our continued success rests on our reliability, consistent quality products and technical expertise. As a result of our knowledge of the industry and focus on value creation, we continue to provide innovative products, enabling our customers to transform their products and processes to meet new challenges.

We have an extensive line of adhesives, catalysts and scavengers for all types of wood panels and engineered wood. As a leading company in sustainability solutions such as lignin-based resins, our portfolio includes EU Construction Regulation certified products and products with which even the strictest emission regulations are met.

Composite Wood Panels

Composite Wood Panels

At Bakelite our comprehensive range of products and resins are designed to meet the demands of an ever-expanding range of applications and processes used in the manufacture of wood composite products. Covering a range of chemistries and supported by a dedicated technical support team, listed below are some of the materials in which our products are used:

  • Particle board: Melamine, Urea and Phenolic Resins
  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF): Urea and Melamine Urea Resins
  • Fibre Board: Phenolic Resins
  • Wood composites: Urea Resins and Melamine Urea Resins 
  • Wood Polymer Compounds (WPC): Phenolic Resins
  • Door manufacture: Urea Resins and Melamine Urea Resins
  • Specialty performance resins and complementary products (ultra-low emissions, wax emulsions, flame retardants, catalysts), Urea, Melamine and Phenolic Resins

Laminates and Surface Films

At Bakelite Synthetics, we pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for paper impregnation technologies for the decorative laminate and surfaces markets. Our products are specifically designed to meet individual customer needs.

We offer resins in the following application areas.

  • Surface Films: Phenolic (PF) and melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resins for plywood and composite wood panel surface lamination
  • Decorative High-Pressure Laminates (HPL): MF resins and phenolic resins for standard, compact, postforming and continuous pressure laminates (CPL)
  • Decorative Low-Pressure Laminates: MF and UF resins for composite wood panel and plywood surface lamination
  • Specialty Performance Laminates: Methylated melamine resins for highly flexible laminates; phenolic resins for flame retardance; resins for ultra-low emissions
  • Hot Roll Lamination: UF resins for surface lamination of construction products (doors, wall panels) and wood composite panels
  • Primers, catalysts and complementary products for custom-made solutions
Laminates and Surface Films
Wood Construction

Wood Construction

At Bakelite we are one of the leading suppliers and technology partners of the European plywood and LVL (laminated veneer lumber) industries. We are assisting the industries in the development of new products and implementing these resins on an industrial scale.

We produce the following resin types:

  • Plywood: Lignin-based phenolic (LPF), phenolic and melamine urea resins and hardeners
  • LVL (laminated veneer lumber): LPF, phenolic and special melamine resins and hardeners
  • Specialty performance resins and complementary products for custom made solutions (scarf joint adhesives, hardeners, catalysts)
  • Timber construction: phenol – resorcinol resins and hardeners

Our experienced, regional representatives also provide individualized technical support to meet your productivity and sustainability targets.

Our innovation extends beyond resins for the industry. Our Dynamic Microchamber is used for factory-based testing of panel formaldehyde emissions.