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Bakelite® Insulation Binder Resins

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Bakelite® Insulation Binder Resins


For decades, Bakelite Synthetics has supplied the insulation industry with thermosetting phenolic resins for glass wool, stone wool and slag wool for construction and industrial applications. Our product line includes inorganic and organic catalyzed standard phenolic resoles as well as new resin technologies featuring ultra-low formaldehyde or products based on renewable raw materials.

Mineral wool manufacturers choose our products because our materials can impart a high level of mechanical properties such as:

  • Fire resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Softness
  • Shape recovery

Many of our products are individually tailored to meet the insulation customer’s requirements related to:

  • Customer-specific equipment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Good recovery and strength
  • Best-in-class products for low or ultra-low emissions

Customized Bakelite® resin grades improve our customers’ manufacturing processes  to meet the building material regulations for indoor VOC emissions. These resins can support:

  • Reduction of process emissions OLV (occupational limit values) during mineral wool manufacturing
  • Compliance with EN16516 A+ regulation for building material emissions
  • Decrease of the process emissions stack

Insulation Binder – Product Portfolio

Insulation Binder – Product Portfolio Table