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Bakelite® Resins for Phenolic Foam

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Bakelite® Resins for Phenolic Foam


Foams based on our Bakelite®, Cellobond™ and Durite™ resins are low-emitting and exhibit superior performance. Foams made with these resins and in combination with our Phencat™ hardeners, exhibit controlled cell structure, controlled exotherm rates, resistance to chemical attack, and decreased emissions from the foam, with the resulting decrease in both workplace and end-use exposure.

Bakelite’s phenolic resins are the material of choice for a variety of applications.

For foam thermal insulation panels, these resins provide benefits including:

  • Low R value/unit thickness
  • Excellent Fire, Smoke, Toxicity (FST) performance
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of blowing agents and surfactant packages
  • Formability
  • Can be tailored to meet specific density requirements

For mining foam, benefits of these resins are:

  • Improved compression strength 
  • Adaptability to strata movement

For floral foams, benefits include:

  • Good water absorption with low drainage
  • Long flower life
  • Ease of cutting and shaping
  • Good shape retention

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for Phenolic Foam Applications

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for Phenolic Foam Applications Table