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Bakelite® Concrete Modifier

Bakelite® Concrete Modifier

Bakelite manufactures BK 4819, an ASTM 494 TYPE A clear water-based 40% solids liquid melamine sulfonate superplasticizer. In a 10% solution, pH of BK 4819 is 9.8.

Melamine sulfonates are known to reduce the amount of water in cement, resulting in:

  • Higher compressive and flexural strength
  • Lower permeability
  • Increased resistance to weathering
  • Improved concrete and reinforcement bonds
  • Reduced volume change from drying and wetting
  • Reduced shrinkage cracking tendencies
Concrete Modifier

Low-viscosity  BK 4819  admixture is clear in color and will not influence the final color of concrete or gypsum. Concrete finishers report that BK 4819 melamine sulfonate superplasticizer provides excellent finishing characteristics to concrete.

Dosage rates vary greatly dependent on the mix design and mix components. In general, dosages can range from 0.5% – 2% of weight of the cement or gypsum. Trial batches are strongly recommended.

BK 4819 melamine sulfonate can be used in applications in which well-dispersed particle suspension is required such as concrete, cement, mortar, grout, gypsum, and pigment slurries.