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Bakelite® Impregnation/ Saturating Resins

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Bakelite® Impregnation/ Saturating Resins


Bakelite® phenolic heat-reactive resins are used for saturating and impregnating paper, fiber and other substrates in various applications and industries. These resins are designed to aid wicking as well as provide abrasion resistance, durability and moisture resistance.

Applications include: 

  • Air filtration
  • Oil and fuel filtration
  • Paint roller cores
  • Water-cooling media
  • Fuel/lube filtration

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Components made of media impregnated with Bakelite’s resin possess structural integrity and mechanical strength. This makes them ideally suited for the production of automotive filter media (oil, air, fuel), gaskets, electrical parts, bearings and wear parts. Due to the resins’ high burst strength and excellent wear resistance, they meet the increasingly stringent requirements of high-performance engines with elevated oil temperature and pressure characteristics.