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Bakelite® Resins for Refractories

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Bakelite® Resins for Refractories


Bakelite is an established, long-time leader in thermoset resin technology for the refractory industry. Our portfolio of high-strength, lower VOC phenolic resins can be used in the production of highly durable:

  • Shaped products (Flow control components; alumina, dolomite, bauxite/andalusite  and magnesium-carbon bricks; and slide gates)
  • Unshaped products (Tundish, taphole clay and ramming mixes)

Bakelite® phenolic resins for refractories are offered as:

  • Resoles and Novolacs
  • Liquids and Powders
  • Reduced odor formulations

They can be used in a variety of refractory production processes:

  • Cold mixing
  • Warm mixing
  • Hydraulic pressing
  • Isostatic pressing
  • Casting
  • Impregnation
  • Dry vibratable

Bakelite´s technical experts can help customers choose the optimal product for their manufacturing process requirements and performance needs.

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for Refractory Applications

Bakelite Synthetics Resins for Refractory Applications