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Bakelite® Molding Compounds for the Transportation Industry

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Bakelite® Molding Compounds for the Transportation Industry

Bakelite® engineering thermosets make it possible to design lightweight complex parts that require precision and performance.

These parts can be a lower cost solution than those made of die-cast metal, steel and engineering thermoplastics. Bakelite’s thermoset molding compounds are utilized when there is a need for good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance, rigidity, surface hardness, high elastic modulus and good solvent resistance. Even if the recommended operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained. The specific, customized properties of these materials make them an obvious choice to replace existing metal and engineering thermoplastic applications.

The product line includes:

  • High-strength, glass fiber-reinforced phenolic molding compounds for mechanically and thermally stressed housings and drive elements in the engine compartment and transmission systems
  • Graphite and carbon fiber-reinforced Carbomould molding compounds designed to meet tribologic demands in frictional and sliding functional components
  • Electrically-sophisticated, elimination product-free, glass fiber-reinforced epoxy molding compounds for insulating components in the automotive electrical system, electrical engines, housing and over-molding of electronics
Under the Hood Applications

Under the Hood Applications

For highly demanding housings and functional components in the automotive field, Bakelite® engineering thermosets increasingly replace system components that were previously made of metal and engineering thermoplastics. They are used in transmission systems, brake systems and engine assemblies. They are also used to produce electrical components of modern Electric Vehicles, Hybrid and other cars, including the battery, engine, transmission and fuel cell systems.

The electrical and electronics industries also rely on these innovative molding compounds to manufacture high quality, thermally-resistant functional elements with high mechanical strength.

Exterior Applications

For decades, Bakelite® thermoset materials have been used in exterior automotive applications such as brake pistons and fuel doors. A new application is EV charging ports, doors and components.

Interior Applications

In the vehicle’s interior, our molding compounds are used in applications such as driver assistance camera and entertainment systems, fragrance systems and gear selector parts.

Bakelite technical specialists can help customers choose the optimal product for their manufacturing process requirements and performance needs.

Exterior & Interior Applications

Bakelite® Molding Compounds for the Transportation Industry