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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Composites


Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Composites

Bakelite® products are used around the globe as a primary component of FRP composites. FRP composites are used to replace steel, aluminum, and wood in a wide range of applications. Composites offer numerous advantages over other materials due to their lower density, better corrosion resistance, strength, inherent fire resistance, durability, and inherent ability to withstand high temperature environments with less weight than those materials.

For decades  BK, Bakelite®, Cellobond™ and Durite™ phenolic resins have been the binders of choice for glass, carbon fiber and other composites.  These products also serve as curing agents for epoxy resins and as cure accelerators. They stand out due to their:   

  • Low flame spread, low smoke generation and low toxicity of any smoke released –  achieved without additional FR additives.
  • Inherent fire resistance
  • Strength 
  • Stability and ability to withstand high temperature environments
  • Light weight
  • Durability and toughness
  • Excellent corrosion properties and chemical resistance
  • Ability to retain excellent mechanical properties under extremely high temperatures
  • Ability to meet most demanding standards, such as EN45545-2, BS6853, FAR25.853, MIL-R-9299C and MIL-DTL-64154B 
  • Extremely low residual monomers for improved industrial hygiene 
  • Ability to eliminate the need for intumescent gelcoat, fire retardants or fillers
  • Ease of processing

These properties have enabled manufacturers to produce quality parts for tribological punishing and highly regulated environments such as marine, aerospace, and railcar.  Specific applications include rocket nozzles, aircraft interiors, armored vehicles, as well as fire-resistant piping, mining ventilation systems, railcar and bus parts, passenger decking and walkways. Phenolics are increasingly utilized in building and construction due to their light weight, durability and excellent corrosion resistance. Oil and gas recovery and refining plants also benefit from the use of phenolic composites for pipe trays, cable raceways and gratings. 

Bakelite’s Cellobond™ resin and Phencat™ catalyst combinations are employed in a variety of processes that include, but are not limited to, Hand Lamination, Spray Disposition, Warm Press Molding, Resin Transfer Molding, Pultrusion, Vacuum Injection, Vacuum Infusion, Continuous Lamination, Syntactic Foam, Honeycomb, and Prepreg. Examples of the benefits and attributes of Bakelite® resins for various processes include:

  • Low viscosity resins facilitate the manufacture of composites by automated processes
  • Can process on traditional polyester pultrusion equipment
  • Styrene-free
  • Thermally cured
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvents
  • Viscosity, processing and cure properties that can avoid special processing or equipment adjustments
  • Parts made from many Bakelite® resins meet requirements of United States, British and International Maritime Organization Standard Fire Tests
  • Solvent-borne and waterborne resins
  • Parts can meet requirements of United States Military Specification MIL-R-9299C and MIL-DTL-64154B
  • Latent catalysts to produce a pot life equal to that of a polyester mix while maintaining cure speed 
  • Typical resin cure temperatures are 65°C to 95°C
  • After curing, pipes demonstrate strength, dimensional stability, and glass transition temperatures (Tg) from 120°C to 220°C. Higher Tg is possible.

Phenolic Resins that push boundaries for a cleaner and safer world

Bakelite’s various resin technologies produce quantifiable improvements that enable manufactures to produce products more sustainably, often beyond legal requirements. Unique BreakThru™ technology has been shown to decrease employee emission exposure during curing. Other potential benefits include improved honeycomb strength performance and reduced free phenol and solvent elimination, resulting in VOC reduction. Our Ultra-Low Emission (ULE) technology can reduce monomer emissions by a factor of 50.

Bakelite Synthetics Products for Composite Applications

All products provide:

  • Light weight
  • Fire resistance
  • Reduced smoke and toxicity
  • High temperature stability

* Recommeded especially for Gelcoat
** Recommended for curing at lower temperature
*** Recommended for higher ambient temperature

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