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ABRASIVE RESINS thermally adhere abrasive grains to substrates for superior polishing and finishing.

Bakelite® urea-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in coated abrasives, bonded abrasives and wheels, sandpaper, scrub pads and other industrial abrasive applications. Introducing BREAKTHRU™ technology, a unique development that laboratory analysis has shown to decrease free formaldehyde to less than 0.1% versus the typical 0.3-1.5% in phenolic resins. Other potential benefits include reduced free phenol and solvent elimination, with the attendant VOC reduction. Examples of our resins for abrasives applications are below.


ABRASIVE RESINS Chemistry Description Viscosity, cps @25° C Free Formaldehyde, % Free Phenol, %
Bakelite® 5006 Phenol-formaldehyde High-solids resin for a variety of substrates 2600 - 3400 1.0 max 5.0 – 7.0
Bakelite® 011K60 Phenol-formaldehyde Low viscosity, low solids resin for a variety of substrates, light color allows for dye addition 120 - 150 0.5 max 1.0 max
Bakelite® 5403 Phenol-formaldehyde Low viscosity, high-solids resin for a variety of substrates 400 - 900 0.5 max 6.0 – 8.5
Bakelite® 5085 Modified Phenol-formaldehyde Designed for grinding wheels and mounting points 2500 - 3000 1.0 max 5.0 - 6.0 max
Bakelite® 5510, 5520, 5546 Phenolic Hexa powders Used in a variety of abrasive applications. Designed for specific cure time and hexa content for crosslinking Powder NA 4.6 - 5.3
Bakelite® 196K55 Urea-formaldehyde Low viscosity thermoset used to lower overall cost of abrasive products 600 - 1000 <0.3 NA

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